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worxpertise positivity index survey summarised report

COVID-19 is a reality of which we all are well aware of.

Lockdown has been added to global day-to-day vocabulary irrespective of language and is understood be everyone. With no viable cure in sight, it is likely that the situation is going to be prolonged at least for a few more weeks or possibly months before normalcy returns. Number of confirmed cases rise by the minute globally, the path to normalcy seems a little distant at this point.

‘Every small thing counts in a crisis, ‘most critical is your attitude’.

In these unprecedented times, knowing the state of our thought process is extremely crucial. Knowing about the level of positivity of our approach with which we are handling COVID19 will help us manage the situation better.

It has been proven in different way by different cultures, and scientifically as well, that positive mind helps build immunity. It helps keep us good relationships, eat better, enhance work productivity and also helps us rest well.

In late April 2020, worxpertise started an initiative of measuring positivity via ‘worxpertise positivity index ‘ survey. The program was designed to get an insight into the level of positivity with which we all are handling COVID-19 situation. The initiative was rolled out across India and US.

We are sharing key findings for your immediate reference. If you wish to know more about the initiative please write to us at 

It was extremely encouraging to know that over 75% respondents had their worxpertise positivity index above 80.

Over 70% respondents have moved past the panic buying stage and a refraining from over-stocking on essentials, they restock only when it is necessary.

More than 80% are keeping a check on their mood swings/emotions & do not lose their cool easily.

With the current lockdown end date a moving target, extensions are likely to continue with few relaxations. About 9% of us responded easing of total control of the situation with more than 40% indicating little or no ease of the current situation.

Food habits are also changing – 25% respondents completely stopped consumption of unhealthy food as well  as news.

21% respondents ignore news that doesn’t make them feel good.

More than 80% understand that this a complicated situation. It is encouraging that despite the high level of complexity 61%, respondents were very positively bout helping others

Interestingly, more than 90% respondents stated that they had reasonable to absolute clarity about their purpose in current situation with only about 3% mentioning that they are not clear about their purpose at all.

Adversity tends to make people humble and humane. Close to 80% of respondents indicated living in the present and feeling grateful in the current times.

All in all, worxpertise positivity index survey was a great success that provided critical insights on how people across India & U.S are handling the COVID-19 situation so far.

Current restrictions are likely to be maintained in part despite some relaxations in the coming days. It is, therefore, important that we keep proper check on ourselves and ensure that we are doing enough to keep our-self mentally & physically fit and have a positive outlook towards the future.

As governments around the world introduce multiple measures and strategies to tackle COVID-19, taking hold of your own situation with a positive attitude will help you overcome these stressed times.

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