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Building a Sturdy Logistics Management Process:

Due to sudden and abrupt halt on the movement of transport, Logistics was one of the first few industries to have experienced a complete stoppage in the initial days of the pandemic. While the need for essential goods/ commodities escalated at an alarming level due to overstocking/ panic buying by the masses, the government had to intervene and introduce additional measures relaxing the movement of transport carrying essential commodities to a certain degree. However, the logistics sector was never prepared & equipped to handle the unanticipated contrast between demand and supply so suddenly.

Though, the process of transformation through incorporating digital & automation was taking place, albeit slowly in the logistics management space.

Today, there is an obligatory need to fast-track the process so that your business is fully armed to overcome the unforeseen challenges that lies ahead.
The COVID 19 crisis has truly exposed the logistics & supply chain inefficiencies on a global scale.

While the world waits in anticipation of what is to unfold next, there are some few solid measures that you can undertake to position your business sturdily in the new normal.

Incorporating software solutions to enable real-time visibility of your orders:

You are one step ahead of the competition if you have the capability to track your orders through real-time monitoring/ visibility. Hanging on to traditional people dependent/ manual processes for order fulfillment can no longer meet the required output in the new normal. Equipping your business with SaaS solutions will enable you easy tracking of your orders which in turn facilitate you to take strategic decisions efficiently & effectively.
Also, consistently fulfilling your order requirement day-to-day can boost your customer retention rate though increased customer satisfaction.

Automating end-to-end inventory management and enhancing visibility:

Today, business leaders across organizations are trying to unearth new ways of reconstructing the entire logistics management process to meet the unique needs of customers. The right inventory in the right time at the right place will ensure harmonious balance between demand & supply always.

With the right solution & automation, you will have a crystal-clear real-time vision of the number of inventory available, number of stocks to be updated etc., which will facilitate quick and accurate decisions as and when required. Also, correcting your inventory through incorporating software solutions for real-time visibility will act as a cost controller to your business and position your business for any uncertainties.

Blending customer communication solutions in your business:

With measures such as social distancing / contact-less delivery most likely to be followed post COVID-19, onboarding a customer interaction management solution for your business can deliver high productivity by ensuring smooth and continuous communication to your customers.

Effective customer support in times of crisis will boost customer retention rate by retaining your customers trust.

Customer interaction management solutions such as “smbworx” by worxpertise offers you 24X7 customer support that ensures that there is zero drop on number of calls, messages, mails by your customers any time of the day.

Today, only those businesses that are quick to accept and implement required changes can survive and thrive. worxpertise works with businesses to bring efficiency in their operations through its proprietary platform solutions that facilitates increased customer retention & higher customer life-time value.