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Conversational Experiences are the Future of CX

70% of Customers

  • Expect conversational experiences when engaging with Brands
  • Tend to make additional purchases from companies that provide seamless and engaging conversational experiences.

This highlights the growing importance of delivering personalized and interactive interactions to meet customer expectations and drive business growth.

As customer expectations for smooth and satisfying purchasing experiences continue to escalate, businesses need to equip their customer-interaction personnel with the skills and to engage efficiently and effectively. This means combining the personalized experience of in-store/showroom shopping with the convenience of online purchasing by:

  • Implementing/using technologies & tools (primarily AI /Analytics / Automation) to deliver a seamless and connected journey across all customer touchpoints
  • Engaging proactively with customers, ensuring that every interaction is engaging and personalized


84% - AI interactions over time will become more natural and human-like along with the capability to handle progressively complex queries.

46% - Engage in conversational communication

43% - Provide personalized responses

37% - Respond to more intricate/complex questions

36% - Manage multiple queries


91% Of business leaders in India express interest in understanding how AI is advancing customer experiences and becoming more intuitive and seamless. The demand for AI-driven solutions that deliver enhanced customer experiences continues to grow.

89% Are actively reconsidering the entire customer experience. They recognize that immersive experiences play a crucial role in differentiating their brands and fostering customer loyalty.

79% Have plans to increase their investments in customer experience (CX) technologies within the next 12 months.

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