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Indian Companies need to up their CX Game – What’s Missing?

Organizations know they aren’t quite meeting rising customer expectations, with leading companies saying that unresolved queries are up 157% year over year globally. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Indian companies recognize the importance of CX with 79% saying it drives revenue. Meanwhile, companies on their way to achieving success are advancing their CX capabilities amidst rising challenges. In fact, compared to its peers, India is faring better in terms of CX maturity, ranking third globally and first in the Asia Pacific region.

Indian companies need to have sufficient CX training, get comprehensive CX metrics in real time, and develop a ‘very strong’ ability to act on customer feedback with speed. Just 17% of Indian businesses are qualified as ‘CX Champions’ – those considered the highest standard-bearers – meaning there are only a few organizations in India delivering exceptional customer services.

Strike the Balance between the Human Element and Automation

No matter where a business falls on the maturity scale, the changes needed to stay on top are consistent: Balance human and automation strategy; Integrate key data from critical apps; Evolve the role of CX. Success is dependent on engaging customers in relationship-driven conversations, and investing in technology that enables teams to deliver great service. This all has to be integrated across your business.

In order to digitally transform customer service and reap rewards, Indian businesses need technologies that make this journey nimble. Effective implementation, increased visibility into data sources and automating time-consuming tasks opens the door for more businesses to become CX Champions.

The challenges is to get the formula right and getting the winning combination of Agents + AI to deliver quicker solutions to customers. In fact, 90% of businesses surveyed globally reported using bots to route customers to the right place, which frees up agents to focus on more complex, high-value tasks.

Where businesses need to focus is in how they balance between automation and the human element of the customer experience. This requires a deeper understanding of customer behaviors to place automation where it is most effective and provide agent support where it can have the greatest impact.

Source: Zendesk