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Leveraging Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Your Operations

In the light of the current situation, it is not “Business as usual” today. Normal lives and course of business has been under severe stress and panic arising due to COVID-19. While recovery looks blurry and dim as of now, governments across the world are working extremely hard releasing relief packages to make sure that the economy survives and sustains.

Today, businesses are operating with minimal resource. Limited workers in factory, unavailability of critical raw materials, disruptions in end-to-end supply chain, dislocated inventory, reduced customer interaction etc are some common challenges confronted by organizations day-to-day. Concrete solutions for any issues at this point cannot be guaranteed.

If you are a small / medium or large business unit, It is a great time to automate some critical aspect of your business to ensure continued operations. With businesses across globe resorting to work from home to sustain operations, customer engagement/ interactions have become an increasingly daunting task with limited resources and no automation.

Will your customers want to hear from you today? Let’s reverse that question.

Would you want to hear from your customers today?

Yes, absolutely. However, you must ignore any information that does not offer any solutions and hope. Remember, just like you, your customers too are embracing tough times. Positive communications containing hope and specific company activities that you are undertaking for the greater good at large can release a lot of good energy and project positivity.

Today, industry standard practices no longer imply. This situation has caught everyone unaware and off guard. Best practices implemented by successful organizations have been put to test. Small & midsized business have taken huge hit. Answers offered through consulting/ SME consulting is irrelevant now. Customers and businesses across struggle to decide which route would cause the least harm.

Remember, your customers are your most critical asset. With physical stores most likely to remain shut at least for the next few months, keeping track of your customers and delivering top-notch customer service in times of crisis can be crucial in creating prolonged relationships. Mission critical CRM solutions can be effectively implemented to address issues pertaining your customers today. Also, CRM will ensure that your customer experience is not hampered in these unprecedented times.

Most small & medium businesses that were doing without CRM software pre-lockdown have either gone rogue or mostly silent. This might prove to be deadly provided your customers just like you are also facing a hard time. Small & mid-sized businesses can always do right with communicating mission critical information to customers like: how to obtain products/ services during lockdown, updates on home delivery (if provided) and any kind of comforting messages that can be sent out across customers segments giving them a glimpse of the activities that your brand is undertaking in response to the current situation will be an added plus.

With customer relationship management (CRM) software at your disposal, you will be better equipped to deliver tailored customer interactions based on the segment of customers. Also, ability of CRM to accommodate mass mailing can be used to send across comforting and important messages to customers. With a smart CRM solution in your desktop, you get to have a detailed and organized list of the type of customers you have and crucial customer information like history, last purchase, last interaction etc.

Smart businesses today will use CRM software intelligently to deliver a very tailored personal experience to their customers. Communications maybe in the form of newsletter via mails or upcoming online events, delivery of products/ services, general awareness & safety information pertaining to the current situation. This type of activity shows the character of the brand and its resilience towards the fight against the pandemic together.

If you are looking for a customer relationship management solution today to deliver superior and consistent customer experiences to your customers, Worxpertise offers you solutions that is designed to meet your specific need. Additionally, trained professionals that offers you 24X7 support to help you fix any issues on the go.

At Worxpertise, we are constantly on the lookout to deliver superior and loyalty generating customer experiences continually maximizing customer life-time value for you, your client, and your partner.