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Mitigating Covid19 Impact – Business Operations On Cloud

The current Pandemic issue has truly exposed the supply chain inefficiencies on a global scale. It has disrupted practically every business irrespective of its size or stature.

The sudden lockdown of public facilities, offices, factories, warehouses, manufacturing units and halting the people and material transport meant most businesses came to a grinding halt.

With ‘Business As Usual’ now a bygone era, at least for now, the new normal is getting defined for post-COVID 19 era. Many businesses today have started identifying the changing markets scenario, changing customer needs & expectations and are finding the gaps in the current supply chain processes to be able to meet the changing needs. Almost every business has begun ideating on possible solutions for real-time tracking their supply chain to make it more efficient and also look at a cloud-based supply chain solution that can withstand future storms, lockdowns and continue to deliver efficiency through-out.

Though the digital transformation of supply chain processes was piloted pre-COVID 19 by few businesses albeit slowly, to this day there are a large number of businesses who lost out due to localized and non or semi digitized supply chain management.

In times like these, it is extremely crucial for your business to deliver high-level of efficiencies that consistently delight your customers. The need to remodel and digitize your operational & supply chain processes is a necessity and every business is evaluating the same.

Cloud based supply chain solutions = Cost saving + efficient operations + Productivity improvements + Increased real-time visibility

Achieving efficiency in day-to-day business operations is the utmost priority of almost every business. While many organizations till this day are trying to achieve the same with manual & legacy solutions. Today, times have changed so has your business needs and your customer demands.

A recent report published by “ORACLE” states that- demand for cloud-based supply chain solution is expected to skyrocket in the coming days with most businesses perceiving a very high strategic advantage for its implementation. The report clearly establishes some strategic advantages that respondents have acknowledged with the integration of an automated supply chain solutions such as: Faster implementations, cost savings, improved customer service, more agility in supply chain operations etcetera.

Smart businesses today are in the hunt for cloud-based solutions with end-to-end supply chain management solutions that provide a wide array of functionalities.

In today’s VUCA world, you are ahead of your peers if your business has the capability to automate critical supply chain operations processes such as customer order, inventory & procurement, production & customer experience.

In recent times, there has been a paradigm shift in the customer asks. Business leaders are trying to find ways to meet the changing and unique demands of their customers. They are working hard to migrate to digital platforms for fulfilling the changing needs.

The digitization and innovation in their work processes will result in the business achieving higher efficiency in operations at a lower cost. This will facilitate them in fighting the COVID-19 battle successfully.

With the right solution partner, your business will be able to have a real-time visibility of your critical supply chain operations process across order to cash, procure to pay, plan to produce, and many other. This in turn will facilitate real time visibility of operations and help you to make quick & accurate decisions every time.

Right solution partner > Right solutions:

A large number of organizations state that – vendor support, lack of expertise, data security etc. as few challenges that stop them from automation and migrating to cloud-based solutions.

There is no one specific solution that can meet all requirements. All businesses offer a unique set of challenges that your solution partner should be able to identify and deliver. Finding the right solution partner that understands your unique business environment is the key here.

Companies like Worxpertise not only offers you a complete end-to-end supply chain solutions but also services of trained professional that takes care of your day to day challenges

Worxpertise solutions are designed to enhance the efficiencies of businesses and ensure complete real-time visibility of the business.