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Omnichannel Approach to Order Management

By Rajiv Manalal Gupta, Managing Director

Customers take a while to close the deals and place the order. However, when it comes to fulfilment, most customers have low patience and want the order fulfilment to happen well ahead of agreed timelines.

Customers have been and will continue to be demanding. They have plenty of options, with plethora of information being available online on all types of products and service providers, hence, they won’t compromise for a sub-par experience with order fulfilment.

Business need to design efficient order fulfilment/management processes and implement using intelligent systems for them to be able to compete in highly competitive environment. What this means for a business is a single view of order status coupled with inventory status across the network, including own and partner stores. It also means enabling for customers the order fulfilment status and a real-time tracking of the order status.

Is it really possible? Yes, if you really have the right approach.

Break down of barriers for Consolidation:

The first step move towards omnichannel approach for order management – eliminate all notion of having multi channels for different types of customers from your organizational thinking. All customers want is that, every time they interact with your brand, the experience is consistent. They want complete status of their order from a single desk instead of using different channels and going to disparate systems for different information. They are looking at truly Omnichannel Order Fulfilment experience.

Hence, it’s incumbent upon businesses to find an order management platform that can enable such services that requires omnichannel connect and a single view for the customer. An effective order management system must have following capabilities:

  1. It should be able to connect across the supply chain to give a single chain wide status (accurate inventory status, procurement status, order fulfilment & delivery status in almost real time).
  2. Intelligently service orders to the pre-defined criteria (e.g., creditworthiness, tax structure as per delivery destination) and should have flexibility to modify order on realtime basis.
  3. Should be customizable cost efficiently and scalable to meet inventory demand, among others.

The right order management system and trained staff to handle Orders’ entry, fulfillment and delivery on a single platform will be most convenient for the customer to get a single view, leading to a uniform and enhanced customer experience.

The resultant output is increased customer loyalty – both of existing customers and new customers.

Using Worxpertise Supply Chain & Operations Management platform-based services will ensure you deliver high quality and consistent experience to your customer thus enhancing the customer loyalty resulting in higher CLV.