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Easy & Accurate Sales Order Management
Order, e-Invoicing, Dispatch

Why saltworx Order Management System

  • Manage sales order from receipt to dispatch as per delivery schedule, every-time. saltworx automates your complete order process including e-invoicing
  • Get real-time status of stock availability at the time of taking the order and ensure 100% commitments are met. Thus, get excellent customer satisfaction
  • When inventory is low it will prompt you to trigger production or procurement, as the case may be

Automated Order Management System = Higher Profits

A digitised Sales Order Management System:

Error reduction

Reduces errors that arise in a manual process.

Order visiblity

Provides complete visibility of orders generated across employees and partners

Customer satisfaction

Enables timely order fulfillment leading to better customer satisfaction

Smooth payments

Ensure payments which enhances cashflow and profits

Business efficiency

Is a necessity for efficient business operations

saltworx Order Management Platform for Growing Business

Track end-to-end order to cash cycle

Order status on-demand

Real-time sales order punching with ease due to its artificial intelligence.

On-demand order punching service in case of internal resource crunch

Complex delivery schedule management with ease

Real-time inventory status with auto triggers for production or procurement.

Credit status at the time of order approval ensures

Integrated with production and procurement modules


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years of experience in automating business operations across India

Get your order management operations online by 31st March with saltworx

₹ 300/day For unlimited

₹ 500/day Additional
for data entry

Features of saltworx Order Management Module

  • Fastest go live time - within weeks
  • Customer data master
  • Easy to use
  • Buy & Sales rate management
  • A3 Availability - Available > Anywhere > Anytime
  • Party wise Terms and Conditions master
  • Party-Item-Price mapping
  • Bulk import/export throught excel with ease
  • Financial authority matrix
  • Item data master
  • API connectivity from existing Tally or any ERP
  • Vendor data master
  • Userwise access control for masters, transactions, reports
Data Services

Real-time data entry

Invoicing & e-Invoicing

e-GST invoice

Invoicing for small business

GST e-invoicing system

Multi-GST function

Print e-invoice on company letterhead

Auto email to vendors

Real-time e-invoice generation status

Real-time view of rejection reason

Auto-print QR code

Auto email e-invoices to customers

No need to login to GST portals

Single click verified JSON file

Sales Order Management

Domestic & Export order management

Itemwise quantity check before order acceptance

Customer-wise rate management

Auto rate check

Credit management

Credit check pre-order approval

Recurring sales order management

Customer wise, item revenue tracking

Sales invoicing

Sales order based production & procurement management

Receivable ledger management

Receivable management

Delivery note creation

Packing list creation

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Comprehensive Operations Management
Platform more Intelligent than an ERP.

"We are one of the early users of saltworx, internally we had planned for a time frame of one year to start getting benefits but we were pleasantly surprised when we started getting the benefits within the first few months itself, post implementation. also saltworx has bought about a discipline in our work culture. the team has realized that adherence to processes and systems actually enchance efficencies and are not a hindrance as perceived earlier."

Vilas Pradhan, CEO, Udyog Shraddha

Vilas Pradhan, CEO, Udyog Shraddha