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BX enabling proprietary business operations management platform

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Integrate with any existing accounting software like Tally

Multi stage
production tracking

4A - Analytics > Availability > Anytime > Anywhere

Drives lean management principles in operations

No additional IT investment needed

User level audit trial

AI based data management

Quality check at each stage

Saltworx Solution Modules

Available as individual modules or a complete solution (license or service). A solution with business application with timely data entry for below modules.

transaction management

Inventory Management

Procurement Management

Production Management

business intelligence

AI based Data Management
& Business Analytics

Integration with Tally or
any other Accounting Software

Integration with Logistics
& Financial Software

case studies

Read what our clients have to say

Vilas Pradhan, CEO, Udyog Shraddha

We are one of the early users of saltworx, internally we had planned for a time frame of one year to start getting benefits but we were pleasantly surprised when we started getting the benefits within the first few months itself. Post implementation, saltworx has brought about a discipline in our work culture. The team has realized that adherence to processes and systems actually enhance efficiencies and are not a hindrance as perceived earlier.

Vilas Pradhan, CEO, Udyog Shraddha

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