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Specialized Virtual Assistants for

Virtual assistants designed by worxpertise are built from the ground up to cater to the unique requirements of our SMB clients, and are equipped for managing communications to business operations, and everything else in between.

business operations management
we deliver end-to-end or point solutions for business operations management through our proprietary platform designed specifically for

small & medium enterprises

Order Management

Sales Order Taking
Price Validation
Delivery Scheduling
Credit Check
Stock Availability
Real-time Order Status
Dispatch & Billing
Outstanding Status
Right based Approval


Financial Authority Matrix
Real-time Inventory Status
Material Requisition
Purchase Estimation
Requisition Creation
Requisition Consolidation
Vendor Rate Comparison
Purchase Order Creation
Material Receipts Tracking
Quantity & Quality Check
Stock Acceptance
Right based Approval


Inventory Categorization
Real-time Inventory Status
WIP Inventory Status
Store-wise Stock Status
Accurate Stock Valuation
Consumption Status
Material Planning
Minimum Stock Alert

Production & Quality Control

Production Planning
Material Planning
Multi-level Bill of Material
Production Scheduling
Production Tracking
Quality Control
Material Consumption
Scrap Tracking
Job Work Management
WIP Inventory


GST Reporting
Account Payables
Account Receivables
Real-time Stock Status
Stock Valuation
Real-time Sales Status
Production Tracking
Real-time Sales Status
Vendor Performance
Channel-wise Sales Status
Non-Moving / Rejected Stock

saltworx: the powerful business operations management services 

saltworx from worxpertise – The Business Operations & Operations Management Service is delivered using its proprietary platform. Our Worxperts work with businesses globally and ensure improved efficiency and reduced costs in their business operations. Be it Sales Order Management, Production Planning to Tracking, Inventory Management, Material Planning & On Time Procurement etc. Real-time visibility of business operations ensures effective and timely decisions ensuring you meet your business commitments and enhance your Customer Experience. Worxpertise works with all its clients to enhance the CLV (Customer Lifecycle Value) from their customers. To know more you could write to: