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Thank You! You All Make Me Proud.

By Rajiv Manalal Gupta, Managing Director

Dear Worxperts,

There is no rulebook or precedence to refer to for help to get over what’s going on due to COVID-19. We all to keep talking to Worxperts, our clients, partners and industry professionals to share ideas and decide to do what we then think is the best.

Over the last few weeks, we have been working very hard to find the best solution to ensure we continue to manage our clients’ business efficiently and live up to our values.

In the past few days, the Quick Response Team (QRT) has worked out a business sustainability plan, which we believe, is the best plan for an efficient operation. This plan required us to invest during these uncertain times with a global lockdown. But we decided to still go ahead and invest without hesitation.

These are times when we have to take risks which are worth taking to demonstrate our passion and commitment, to each other and to our clients and partners. You would agree with me that our clients & partners are facing the same challenges as we are, we need to support them in every way we can.

As with every other such natural or manmade calamity, things with COVID-19 look scary but are temporary, all such calamities look to be the “new normal” but soon they settle. We all will also get through the COVID-19 soon.

For me, all of you across all levels, especially our front-line advisors are heroes. You are weathering and managing possible exposure to COVID-19 more than many others in our industry. I’d be like to take this opportunity and acknowledge this subtle heroism and proactiveness of some of your colleagues in IT, training, operations, enterprise products team, development team and in the HR team. Almost everyone in this organization has answered the call of duty and continued to support our advisors to deliver their jobs extremely well for our clients.

You all are demonstrating amazingly responsible behaviour, empathy, sensitivity and courage every day. We still have to continue to face this or more over the next few weeks or may be a month. It would be great to hear your inputs and thoughts or any plans you may believe can be better for us to weather this storm together.

Due to the efforts we are making, our clients have come to trust Worxpertise for our availability 24×7, quick response time, quality of output, and for our sensitivity and, above all for delivering your work with great passion and commitment than ever before.

I know this situation is challenging, stressful, and at times even scary. I know we all are doing our best. I wish, we could do more to help you handle the situation better.

I want you all to know that how proud I am to be a Worxpert. I can’t thank you enough.

Stay Healthy | Stay Safe | Stay Strong | Stay Happy