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Worx Communication Platforms

CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service)

Businesses interact with customers on transactions and for upsell/cross-sell opportunities. However, such interactions are considered overwhelming and result in avoidance from the customers' side.

Worx CPaaS provides the best choice for business houses to engage with the client subtly, ensuring the customers' attention. The features that ensure this is-

i) Hosted IP-PBX:

This feature ensures that the personal number of the user is not shared with the customer. Moreover, the calls can be set 'ON' for office hours and auto/manual 'OFF' during non-office hours, providing a true work-life balance for the office members.

ii) Cloud Contact Centre:

Businesses can leverage the cloud benefits of high availability and anytime-anywhere contact centre to manage calls, emails and Web chat with a single login window using only a browser, a simple PC and a headset.

iii) Click to call:

We provide integration of CRM/Lead management, Sales Management applications with our dialer for click-to-call functionality. Here, the Customer and Sales executive will not get to know the mobile numbers of the other party. You can also have recordings of these calls, call detail records, etc., to track the customer contacts made by the sales executive.

Similarly, when a customer calls the number, based on CLI, the call is routed to the related account executive. This would help the customer to get what he wanted in the first instance instead of wading through tedious IVR.

Voice platform

We have an aspect communication server for both normal inbound, and outbound calls, and also IVR (Interactive Voice Response) inbound and outbound calls.