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Worx Data Cleansing & Management Technologies

Data Scrubbing and Cleaning Platform

Our Data Scrubbing technology detects and corrects any corrupt or inaccurate data from a record set, table, or database. The process involves identifying data errors and then changing, updating or removing data to correct them.

Database Management and Support

Worx database management and support technology enables storage and retrieval of data with security and integrity. Users can update, read and edit data as per their requirements. The system enables companies to take data-driven decisions. Data Support services can also be provided to clients as per their business requirements.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics platform is supported by the Business Intelligence tool from Tableau and MSSQL at the backend. ProNext is our .NET MSSQL Server based performance management platform for employees. It’s akin to a dashboard that captures assessment ratings for each employee. The performance metrics of ProNext can also form the basis of multiple organizational transactions such as regular meetings and discussions between different reporting levels across functions such as Operations, IT, Quality and MIS. The ProNext scorecard can also be the basis of daily and weekly reviews, promotions as well as internal job placements