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Worx Infra and Knowledge Platforms & Technologies

IT Infra

We provide a secure environment through VMware virtual workspace. Also, we provide on-premise servers with RDP and VPN for applications, as well as desktop computing.

Word Cloud

We use Uniphore for Voice analytics to build a word cloud, which boasts 100% quality in audit of conversations. Looking towards the future, we will be working on building our voice bot, and deploying a GCP terraform or equivalent for building Indian NLP.

Knowledge Bank

Worx Knowledge bank is a searchable resource database. It has Q&A resources which can be quickly accessed by agents and employees for any service and product information. An admin panel allows for complete management of the bank which has a Multitenant architecture and allows for public and private environments.

Process Knowledge Test

The Worx PKT platform is a training and testing platform which enables certifications. It allows for scenario testing as well as re-training of resources. The application can be managed easily through the admin panel.