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Worx Proprietary Platforms & Technologies

Right from inception we have focused on and invested in technologies to continuously and significantly enhance the value we deliver to our clients by greater speed and accuracy of response; deeper real-time insights for higher programme effectiveness and higher levels of productivity, quality and throughput.

Worx-Real-Time Performance & Efficiency Monitoring System

An organization wide operations performance management & monitoring platform that enables real-time tracking of process metrics, enabling efficiency.

Worx-Quality Management System (QMS)

Employing the latest speech analytics technology, our QMS manages and elevates agent performance and creates an enhanced CX environment.

Worx-Activity Tracking & Management System

Through the provision of work analytics such as time spent on specific tasks, we enable companies to track the time and productivity of their employees. The tool can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and can be implemented on premise or on cloud as per requirement.

Worx-Operations Management System

An organization wide operational and technical transaction database. It has multiple usages – the most critical of which, is the inputs database for the reporting engine that generates quick and easy reports based on access. It’s built on DOTNET + MSSQL Platform.

Worx-Lead Management Platform

Hosts all lead records in a centralized database. Definition of criteria and scoring, lead communication and tracking integration with third-party software are some of the features of the Worx Lead Management Platform.


An end-2-end customer interaction management system which also has an inbuilt tool for advisor efficiency and customer interaction tracking. All records are managed in a centralized database for capturing VOC, market sentiments, and transaction tracking. Its design allows it to be integrated with any 3rd party core platform of our clients.