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Worxpertise Responds to COVID19

As the world comes together in the fight with COVID-19, At Worxpertise, our vision of continually enhancing life impacting values for all we associate with has never been more important. Our prayers go out to all those who have been affected, the medical professionals and the frontline workers who are working tirelessly on the ground ensuring all help & support in the fight against the virus.

It is safe to say that despite of the pandemic, Worxpertise has strived to break down all barriers to deliver on our very promise of continuously maximizing lifetime value for all we associate with- Our Worxperts, Our customers, Our Partners!

Response to our Worxperts:

At Worxpertise, the safety and well-being of our employees has always been our top priority. As number of positive cases started to spring pre-lockdown, we ensured safe working environments allowing most of our far stationed colleagues to work from home early on, at the same time taking all necessary precautions in our office.

We took proactive measures to ensure that work from home was activated from the get-go making sure that all Worxperts have been adequately provided with all necessary resources required to deliver uninterrupted services from home. Not an easy task to pull off in a time window of 9-10 hours but with a team of passionate & diverse individuals, we were successful in handing out as many equipment’s as possible to most of our employees dropping it at their doorstep hours before the official close down.

Despite the hit on our finances, Worxpertise has cut no corners ensuring that no Worxperts lose their job at the same time ensuring no cut in salaries to almost 90%. Additionally, we have come up with our internal application “heart2heart”, a virtual communication platform that facilitates all Worxperts to share their thoughts, ideas and queries directly with Rajiv, our Managing Director.

Currently, upskilling programs were conducted across all departments. Participants attended sessions on Lean implementation, Advanced excel, MIS, Video creations etcetera and the responses have been terrific.

Employee engagement activities are being conducted on a daily basis where we have seen a very positive turn out in participation.

Response to Our Customers:

Worxpertise continue to deliver uninterrupted services and continually enhance life impacting values to our customers this very moment.

In preparation to COVID’19 related possible lockdown, our Worxperts transitioned 100% of our clients to (WFH) work from home service operations in just 5 days ensuring zero disruption of services to our clients in the process.

It is a matter of great joy to state that Worxpertise have continually & consistently provided superior services exceeding expectations this pandemic as a result of which few of our clients had reached out to take up additional businesses as well.

Response to Job Seekers:

Very recently, Worxpertise have rolled out a very special program called- “Associate service partners (ASP)” which provides a flexible working hour for job seekers that who can are willing to work from the comfort of home in their flexible hours. This program is for people that have been affected by the recent job cuts, house wives, people with desire to earn additional income in their free time etcetera.

There is a very basic procedure for enrollment in the program. Candidates with basic requirements such as laptop or desktop, headsets, working space and a passion to deliver superior services can fill up the form after which screening takes place. Selected participants are provided a thorough training on processes that matches with their skillsets after which they are onboarded and go live.

Responses have been extremely positive so far with more than 10 people already being onboarded and functional with many more currently undergoing trainings for the same.

In times of unprecedented crisis, we are grateful to be a part of the team which is courageous and responsible towards each other, towards clients and partners and the community around. Every small thing counts in a crisis, most important is your ‘attitude’. Together we have, and together we will overcome every crisis that we face.